Sunday, December 19, 2010

CLERKS (1994)

“Every time I kiss you, I’m gonna taste 36 other guys.”

Writer-Director Kevin Smith’s low budget black and white debut film is a day in the screwed up life of two neighborhood shop workers named Dante manning the grocery store and Randal handling video renting store. We witness different oddball customers coming and screwing their heads with moments of hilarious adult fun. Poor Dante always bitching about her stuck up existence while facing personal relationship problems and trying to remain straight forward with customers than bored, porn watching and customer insulting smart crook Randal. The chemistry is just amazing.

It’s queer to know that Smith had worked in the same Quick shop grocery store since he was 19, and where he edited this film each night after the work hours. The fun is dark, adult but without being over the top it shows us the moments of real life screwed up situations over the counter culture fun. The characters are just awesome and the dialogues are full of witty and infectious humor. Watch those other naughty outsider pair too-Jay and Silent Bob (played by Smith) pasting that ‘I eat cock’ poster on the door. There’s lot of unpredictable adult laughter here and it’ll surely make up your Sunday afternoon.


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