Tuesday, December 21, 2010


One of the blunt, forceful and captivating British gangster-noir made by Mike Hodges starring scene stealing Michael Caine as Jack Carter. To investigate the cause and avenge the death of his brother, he returns to his hometown. Once landed there he gets involved in complex series of incidents of local goons all setting up his fall in company of his mobster boss’s damsel.

Though the pace is slow, it builds the tension gradually. Hodges paid no concessions for morality and shows the seedy and stark naked face of underworld with style of modern noir and yet we don’t notice bloody violence that we expect from gangster flick. The film has fine camera work showing some of the unnoticed London locations with classy angles and shots. Casting is impressive too and Caine made his strong presence felt from beginning to end in one of his finest screen performance. Like every great gangster film there are several distinct and original scenes that stay in mind- Caine walking naked from his bed holding a gun, mob boss thrown from a multi storey high-rise parking garage or the climactic rough justice at deserted beach. The end is shocking and disturbing one but that’s what well made gangster films are!


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