Friday, December 17, 2010

THE HOST (Korean) (2006)

Along with ‘Oldboy’, this is one of the most profitable and popular Korean film of this decade that turned world’s serious notice to the Korean cinema. Not so often we find such comic, melodramatic and dark elements in usual Hollywood monster films. Writer-Director Bong Joon- Ho played wonderfully with sound and images to bring chaos where fear not only comes from ‘in your face’ but from blend of unpredictability and surprise.

We can sense the unpredictable danger from very beginning of the film where an old doctor ordered his apprentice to pour down the toxic chemicals in drain. The apprentice warned him that from drain this highly toxic stuff will go to river and it’ll contaminate the water and its biodiversity. But then he has to follow his boss’s order. Soon we see a strange monster creature rising from the river and turning the city into chaos of unpredictable danger. There is a deadly virus and its infection faux too. A father lost her dearest daughter to the beast but surprisingly she is found alive and next is all hunting search and struggle of a family against all odds. The film has awesome tense filled climax with majestic look to hunt the beast giving its instant cult monster movie status. However we can’t deny the influence of Spielberg’s master work ‘Jaws’ here.


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