Sunday, December 19, 2010


One of the most brilliant and impressive debut film by the man who remains one of the most exceptional writer-story teller-filmmaker of this decade. The architect who keeps challenging the viewers and redefining the ways films are conceived, written and narrated- ‘Inception’, ‘Memento’. His second remarkable skill lies in refreshing story telling ability- ‘The Prestige’ ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. Does Christopher Nolan need any introduction?

The film begins with first person narrative by the protagonist-a mysterious lonely and bored man who for unknown reason starts following strangers. He is struggling writer who maybe tries to seek characters from life around. He has an important rule too-‘never follow the same person twice’. The trouble starts when he broke the rule. Next is surprise package of twist and turn unfolded in jigsaw puzzle kind of thrill in a way and manner what you expect from Nolan. His films represent smart complex and vigilante heroes who most of the time end up being victim of the set trap created either by outsmart antagonist or by the illusory web of their own minds. Check out which force works here.

There’s no exaggeration saying that one should compare Nolan’s this debut film at par with any auteur directors’ debut film ranging from noir thrillers made by Polanski to Kubrick. The movie is surely Nolan’s net practice for ‘Memento’ (non linear puzzle like narration) and the seed for ‘Inception’ too (watch the mysterious intruding burglar named Cobb who steals too personal things). It’s small budget independent film made with black and white print and unknown actors. The length of film is just one hour and ten minutes and shot at normal city locations of London and still it’s absolutely gripping thriller. The strength lies in his absolute control and command over all technical matters of filmmaking whether it’s script, screenplay, innovative story telling and it’s brilliant proof why script remains the most creative and powerful part in filmmaking if you want to make your film immortal one. Nolan is all one man show here with helm of story writer- cinematographer editor and director. Needless to say Nolan is unchallenged master craftsman from very inception of his career!


PS- With this I’ve done with all Nolan films, I’ve to wait for two years for his upcoming ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.


prabhat said...

it is an exceptional film, i watched it nearly a year ago, kudos to the director

HIREN DAVE said...

Nolan film = exceptional