Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year's quite unnoticed small budget surprise fun package; all bundled with pure desi tadka humor. The theme of the film is last year’s recession turned world where US economy caught cold and whole globe starts sneezing, including UP’s small town extortionist gang. They kidnap an NRI luring big ransom bounty. But the poor fellow is broke and came home to sell his ancestor’s haveli to save his home and family. As the guy revealed his misfortune, we see not one but several other gangs including a corrupt minister dealing their own share from smart chap and dollar dreams. Had it been released last year, it would get more audience and praise!

Writer-Director Subhash Kapoor has deserves pat on his back for gifting some of the most hilarious lines that you’ve ever heard, honestly speaking it just made me laugh out loudly. The second most amazing thing about the film is its authentic portrayal and characterization of America obsessed small town India in pure northern accent and gags. Most of the actors are quite unknown except Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Sanjay Mishra-the man who most often seen as comic sidekick. But the man to watch here is Manu Rishi as Anni. Remember the guy who played Abhay’s partner named Bangali in OLLO! There’s fine support from Brijendra kala, Amit Sial & wild Amol Gupte whom we’ve noticed as Bhopa Bhau in ‘Kaminey’. the only eyesore and misfit in the film is Neha Dhupia playing female Gabbar but that’s not a big heck since her role comes much later and its too short.

I promise you that you will love to repeat some of the most crackling laughter here. Watch that ‘English shikho, America Jao’ scene where local English coaching tutor Tyagi is firing his local students in kickass angrezi. The second priceless fun is FBI-Saddam-Bush connection gag and then we see laugh ride whole bureaucratic extortionist department run by kidnapping king minister. Yes, there’s black humor, some of it is rude and over the top but the attempt is hundred percent honest to make you laugh in the time of crisis. I think this one of the most pathetic year of Bollywood where Hindi film industry is seriously and terribly lacking original and creative ideas, the film like this is a ray of hope for new talents who’ll shape and redefines it in coming year.

‘Don’t miss it’ is the final verdict.


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