Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BLOW OUT (1981)

While recording actual wind sound at late night, a sound effects recordist working for B grade horror flicks accidentally records a bang of bullet and witness a car accident. He manages to save the girl in the car, the next day he come to know about Governor’s death. Suddenly a photographer jumps up and proclaimed to media that he covered the whole accident at night and sold it to a leading news magazine. Here onwards starts the thrilling journey of bugging sound recordist to meet the loose end with sound and images to unveil the truth behind the assassination.

‘Blow Out’ is an edge on the seat thriller made by Brian De Palma starring young John Travolta and Nancy Allen. Though it’s inspired by Antonioni’s masterpiece ‘Blow Up’ and though it’s not one of De Palma’s best, it surely has De Palma’s firm grip with stylish touch and treatment both in writing and direction. Where Antonioni’s ‘Blow Up’ gave us intriguing feel about the photographer’s penchant to scrutinize the truth, this film intrigues us not only with images but sounds too. Unlike the queer open ending of the inspired one, De Palma made it all arresting thriller, strongly backed up by matching background score and some of the Hitchcokian camera takes and brilliant high angles.
Worth watching once if you love thriller/mystery.


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HIREN DAVE said...

Tarantino said during an interview with De Palma, that ‘Blow Out’ is one of his all time favorite films, and that after watching ‘Scar face’ he knew how to make his own film.

Source- wikipedia