Sunday, August 2, 2009

LUCK (2009)

Does ‘Luck’ means playing blind betting on human lives all the time? What nonsense crap is this!!! When you have zero script and absolutely no brainer, absurd and illogical plot on platter, the whole decoration of strong assembled cast, thrilling sequences or even high production design can’t save the Luck of the film.

Director Soham Shah (Does anybody remember ‘Kaal’!!!) without applying his own creativity in the story or screenplay made a totally C grade film with some fine underdog actors like Danny, Mithunda and Sanju Baba and used their earlier cliché typecast images to screen. After a long time a fine actor like Danny is back and I’m expecting fire on screen. But there’s nothing he can add in such an inferior product. Same can be said about repeat typecasting of Mithun and Sanjay Dutt. Is there any Director who can bring some topnotch charactrers for such aging fine actors??? Imran is promising in ‘JTYJN’ but he’s chocolate collegeboy image does not match with action/thrill cinema. Shruti hasan should first learn dialogue delivery and next the acting from her proud papa who’s the university of acting. Ravi Kishan should remain content with his Bhojpuri stardom. He acts less and irritate most here.
The dialogues sucks!!! All characters whenever utter anything the line starts or ends with ‘Luck’ word. How can Rensil De Silva (RDB fame) write such bakwaas lines!!!

Don’t gamble your two hours of entertainment.

Ratings- 3/10

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CHETU said...

Well, ur Review Just goes wid my thinkin buddy. Bt i dont agree wid u telling Baba as the underdog actor. He is one of the finest of them that the indian film industry has got. Its Quite shamefull that he has been Casted in such role. I wonder y did ppl give a shot for a Dir who gave a Blockbuster FLOP "KAAL". Guess Baba shld have taken some advice from Ajay.