Sunday, August 16, 2009

ANBE SIVAM (Tamil) (2003)

At Bhubaneshwar Airport two strangers due to flight delay encountered each other. Well these both fellows totally paradoxical in nature are destined to stay with each other in all situational fix. While watching the first half and hour of the film I was convinced that it would be a light comedy but as film progressed further reaching its culmination point of the journey I come to realize its one of the finest humanitarian Indian film that I’ve seen in a long run. It literally touched me. Especially in the scene where Madhavan comes to Kamal’s Union office and knows about him and than meets Kamal with his transformed perspective. My God what an expression on Kamal’s face!!! He possess the power of act that can break even strongest heart. How can I resist my tears!!!

This is ultimate Kamal Hasan Film. Whether it’s his nuanced mid age act or romantic moments of young age or umbrella fight or Marxist street play he is just extraordinary. Its character I would love to add in my favorite list. Along with Madhavan I also keep in mind those golden words uttered by Mr.Shivam-
“Appearances are deceptive. There is no need for a good man to look handsome.”
“The heart that shed tears for the stranger is the God.”
It’s the film having everything on platter- comedy, romance, action, drama, emotions and fine music and a fine journey that we all called ‘Life’.
Sub titles are indispensable when you don’t know Tamil but it’s really painful to carry them while watching those million dollar expressions of Sir Kamal Hasan.
The best Tamil film ever seen by me.



abhishek said...

u know hiren bhai, we people living on the upper half of india are really ignorant about the southern part. we didn know about this gem. i gave this movie to one of my friends and he said "the name itself was enough man!!". and true it is. people taking risks and letting their creativity run free, and the result came out is anbe sivam. though i found madhavan a bit shaky with his acting, but kamal haasan was like a big top (hindi word), taking the charge all by himself. even my hat cant give him enough respect. tremendously brilliant. specially kamal's talking style, and his facial expression. will never forget this master piece. ou and out brilliant.

Sushanta said...

hi hiren

I am an avid follower of your blog and really like the way you pick movies from different genres. But as a reader I am facing this age-old problem of loosing interest in reading.I am finding the review of movies to be very similar to each other. But they should not be, because not every movie is known for everything. Rather directors, actors, technicians etc are known for certain kind of work unique to them. The cinematography of Rajib Menon and Ashok Mehta will be never look alike. The story telling by Mani Ratnam and Subhash Ghai will not be of same type. Monsoon Wedding is known for, apart from being a Mira Nair film, shooting the entire film with hand-held cameras.Publicity designs by Rahul Nanda and Himanshu Nanda always make the film look different. I am giving this examples just to communicate that we can review the film in various ways and one of the best way is to review the film for its distinct qualities.


Vikram said...

Though it's been inspired by John Highes' Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987), it proves to be a much better film. If the makers had given more importance to the technical aspects of the film it would have been Kamal Hassan's masterpiece

Sujith Kingsley said...

The last line which u have said about the movie maybe true until u finish watching the movie MAHANADHI. Dont miss it

nanda said...

Review does justice..
Mahanadi and kannathil muthamital have to be seen by you.