Friday, August 7, 2009


“Little known secret is dangerous…initially it pulls you to know the other half and slowly draws you and absorbs you more into the crime itself.”

The film is possibly the most influential erotic thriller American film of 1980’s. It’s Director David Lynch’s bizarre erotic mystery with portrayal of the dark criminal underside of small town life. Critics and audiences responded to Lynch’s original and startling images of sex and violence with its thrilling and involving current of protagonist and made the film a box-office smash hit.

The film begins with captivating opening with the finding of severely cut off ear found in the field. Jeffrey who came to pay visit to his sick father suddenly got involved while witnessing the chopped off ear and started investigating on his own with neighborhood Detective’s smart daughter which lead to a dangerous game and lethal liaisons with an erotic night club singer Dorothy and raving psychopath Frank who kidnapped Dorothy’s son to seek sadomasochist sexual pleasures from her. During his innocent attempt to help Dorothy, Jeffrey torn his own world with his own psychological involvement into the heart of crime.

Hate it or love it but Lynch has masterfully created a film signifying the darker side of crime and passionate love. Almost all the actors have performed their acts wonderfully whether its femme fatal Isabelle Rossellini as Dorothy or Kyle Mac Lachlan (resembles like young Aamir Khan) as Jeffrey or Laura Dern as Sandy. Dennis Hopper’s villain act as psychopath ‘Frank’ is surely one of the great villain character but his act is full of loud hysterics.

Background score composed by Angelo Badalamenti powerfully captured the mood of the film with title song and thrilling score running throughout the film. Same can be said about innovative cinematography. But above all its David Lynch’s electrifying screenplay and Direction which is the ace of this film.

Must Watch.

Ratings- 8.5/10

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