Monday, August 24, 2009


The biggest fear of Lance Clayton’s life is that he’s going to end up all alone. He’s mid age poetry teacher cum writer but so far nothing he has written till day see a publishing and still he has a dream to become a famous author resulting him to gain lots of pretty chicks and million bucks. He is writing his fifth novel and decided that if this will be rejected, he will stop writing. Besides this far fetched ambition, he’s a struggling teacher and a father of pervert jerk teenager boy who’s giving him real pain in the ass. Well it’s just the beginning of the film.

The film which started with outrageous black comedy suddenly surprises you with its tragic sentimental twist in the middle and feel good cinema as it reaches towards the end. There‘s so much in the plot/screenplay which is unbelievable or improbable but America is a crazy country full of weird people who knows how to immortalize anything or anybody.
It is quite dull experience watching this sort of cinema without fine actor like Robin Williams and he’s the sole reason why one should watch it. After a long time he is again in a role tailor-made for him.
Recommended watch of the year.

Ratings- 7/10

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