Sunday, August 9, 2009


Tim Burton is the director who gave us some of the finest fable on screen. I don’t consider this film as his finest work but it’s too dear for me because I watched it first time when I was school kid and overwhelmed with Johnny Depp’s performance as Edward. Well I can say that compared to his most mature fable like ‘Big Fish’ the film is more children/teen centered movie.

Burton’s long time collaboration with Johnny Depp always brings fine imaginative characters to screen in films like- ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Ed Wood’, ‘Sweeny Todd’ and even upcoming ‘Alice in Wonderland’ where Depp is going to play Mad Hatter. If I am not mistaking, this is the first film of their long lasting teamwork. It’s not only his sheer talent to play weirdo, imaginary and complex characters but also his chameleon face and charm of personality which works wonder for Depp. We all know that Depp is unique actor but this film does not portray the myriad expressions of his fine talents; in fact his character in this is sort of one dimensional sensitive outsider unknown by selfish world of humans.

Burton shows the contrast between the world of suburban town and Edward- gifted with scissor hands. His art of shaping trees into fantastic figures or bringing funky hairstyles shows his gifted skills which transformed the lives of small town neighborhood. On the contrary what he gets from human world is utter selfishness and misunderstanding. Only sweet teenager Kim understands him who becomes Edward’s love interest.
Recommended for Burton-Depp combo.


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