Sunday, August 16, 2009


What happens to a person when he knows that his life is recorded with implanted microchip from birth which records his every good-bad moments of life? What if the person is having a conscious guilt accidentally occurred during his childhood?

Written and Directed by Omar Naim ‘The Final Cut’ is outstandingly different than other conventional science fiction films. Its world where an implanted microchip records all the moments of an individual’s life from birth to death. After the death of the person memories are removed and edited by ‘Professional Cutter’ highlighting significant moments of the departed, known as ‘Rememory’. There’s also other organization opposing this technological development and removes the implant memory recorded data in case anybody need.

The film is intriguing one from the very beginning. The whole premise of the plot is interesting one and it is strongly supported by the finest actor Robin Williams who once again in his well nuanced performance acted brilliantly as ‘Cutter’, Alan Hackman who accidentally fell into a personal trap while dealing with his one of the client file footage. Jim Caviezel also supported strongly in opposite role. Its one of the fine and intelligent sci-fi script nicely handled with equally intelligent and well constructed direction.

Highly Recommended.


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