Friday, August 21, 2009

PITHAMAGAN (Tamil) (2003)

Few days ago I talked with one of my close friend and he informed that he has heard lot of praise of these new breed of Tamil actors who’re replacing unchallenged territory of the Masters- Kamal and Rajni. He mentioned the special mention of Vikram and here I witnessed his one of the brilliant act which made him won National Award for Best Actor in 2004 for this film and he truly deserve it. It’s a kind of role where any other young actor looks more like a caricature than character; Vikram has acted it with all flesh and blood to portray a man named Chitthan who is more like a wild beast. Born and brought up in Hindu cemetery, he followed the little nuances of his character in look, expressions, body language. In most of the film he remains silent except those grinning and growling sounds under raw anger. The character of Suriya is equally important and supportive one and he has all the charm required to rule the South Indian cinema; infect it’s his role which gives the film light moments but in some of the scenes I felt his overact more.

Pithamagan is a film which has all the ingredients of Masala entertainment and it was the blockbuster hit of that year. But it’s not a typical Tamil film; infect its kind of film which raise the bar of regional cinema. It projects the orphan Chiththan, a man born and brought up in cemetery, unaware about civil sense or behavior. He is only guided by the senses and possesses a wild animal kind of instinct. A local Mafia hired his loyalty and soon unknown by the intensity of crime he was caught by the police for drug trafficking. In prison he encountered a street cheat, who becomes his close companion. The companionship helped him to understand the world around and made him the civilized in certain way but fate is something which plays spoilsport every time, when man is making some other plans.

The film has some flaws too and lacks full proof editing. Especially- the dragging romantic scenes between Suriya and Laila, the unnecessary long parody dance sequence by Simran etc. But at the same time it also has some quality things in it. Apart of Vikram’s brilliant act there is soothing melody of none other than maestro Illaiya Raja. I like ‘Piraye…piraye” so much, even though I don’t get the words of Tamil lyrics but I would love to hear it again and again.
The cinematography is just classic and technically sound. Haven’t seen any other films of Director Bala but I think he must have some good films on his sleeve.

Watch it for the most happening Tamil actor - Vikram.
Ratings- 8/10


Luv said...

Great movie. Good review.

Yes, Vikram has done a great job, but it is Bala who provided him with a movie where he can show it off. You must watch Naan Kadavul to get a taste of his film making.

HIREN DAVE said...

thx bro for ur reco...will surely catch it...

Vikram said...

Bala is one of the very few directors in Indian cinema who give great offbeat films with each and every film. His first film Sethu was remade badly with Salman Khan in Hindi as Tere Naam. Pithamagan is his masterpiece till date. The feel and effects he brings to the viewers is absolutely amazing. And of course Vikram & Surya. This is the only film in my life after which the audience was absolutely silent while leaving the cinema hall. A cinematic classic.