Monday, August 10, 2009


“It’s what people know about themselves inside that make them afraid of any fear.”

Is there any better entertainment than watching Clint Eastwood Western on Sunday afternoon! You don’t have to muddle your head much into plot or narration and just witness the slow ongoing brooding action from the man who still carries his own persona in his eighties. He’s still respectfully regarded as ‘Style Icon’ of Westerns and the Director who still today marks his own impression on any films. If anyone feels exaggeration in whatever I say better watch his latest ‘Gran Torino’.
The plot is just simple- the town is looking for a hired gunfighter to protect their interests from villainous Carlin Boys who just released from prison and then comes a man with no name to rescue the town. In the past the same town witnessed whipping death of young Marshall Duncan by the same dangerous goons and failed to save Marshall’s life under their short supply of Guts. After lot of speculation he backed up the town, making them volunteers for themselves with his own fancy terms and conditions and the rest is what audience expects from well made Eastwood western. The last moment revelation is purely surprising element of the story for the audience.

We know very well that more than the plot it’s the atmosphere of pure stylistic western that matters in Clint Eastwood film. From the beginning slow motion walk scene to the climax Eastwood gave powerful, gritty performance for which he’s famous. The film is earlier directorial venture of Eastwood when he loved to furnish his cowboy image. Bruce Surtees’ cinematography remained inseparable part of Eastwood’s Malpaso Productions and he’s another reason to watch this film. He’s best known for his camera shots in natural darkness. Watch the whipping murder scene or almost all action sequences of the film including the climax shot marvelously in the stark darkness of night with some brilliant angles.

Recommended for all Clint Eastwood fans.

Ratings- 8/10

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