Thursday, October 1, 2009


Most of us have watched that jihad horror video clip of Al-Qaeda where a promising American journalist Daniel Pearl beheaded with fountain of blood gushing out from head while Al Qaeda men were shouting ‘Allah O Akbar’. Nobody dare to watch that ugly reality scene again. In fact it’s the most horrible scene I’ve ever seen. How many of us would dare to see that scene even once if the victim is one of our most near and dear one. Just remind that scene once again and think about the Marianne, the wife of Daniel Pearl. She was on her last pregnancy stage when she received this news. It reminds us that the fundamentalist terrorism we’re facing today will make shame even Satan.

Watching the scene in the film where Marianne (played so brilliantly by Angelina Jolie) comes to know about her husband’s inhuman death just made me numb. The film was based on Marianne Pearl’s own account and Director Michael Winterbottom has absolutely maintained the reality of what happened without emphasizing any side. The film was shot almost in documentary and news footage style capturing the pulse of Pakistani city life amid all absolutely unfathomable chaos running in dirty diplomatic nexus of ISI, Pakistan Army and Al Qaeda.

As a strong women fighting to seek truth behind her husband’s death, Angelina Jolie has really entered into the shoes of Marianne Pearl. She again proved that she’s not just glamour doll. In short but significant supporting roles, Irrfan Khan and Archie Punjabi make their present felt. What is fine thing about watching the film is that even though dealing with sensitive subject matter it isn’t seems just tearjerker film. It explores the theme of redemption and hope prevalent among all religions of the world.



Aditya Tibrewala said...

its 'A' mighty heart not 'the'

HIREN DAVE said...

thanx man..error is regretted..