Thursday, October 22, 2009


The film is remake of Hitchcock’s own 1934 film by the same title and one of his personal favorite too. In this version he added Technicolor and top stars in this tale of foreign intrigue and kidnapping. Hitchcock once told his friend and admirer and indeed great French Director Francois Truffaut that the first version was done by talented amateur and the second was made by the professional.”

An American Dr. visits Morocco for the first time and they never knew that they entered into hostile troubled water where plan is boiling up the conspiracy of assassination. James Stewart plays the role of Doctor who’s in trouble for knowing a thing he shouldn’t. Doris Day plays the character of his acutely smart wife and wonderful singer and her character is equally substantial too.

Hitchcock always preoccupied to shoot the climax of his international spy thrillers at famous places. He used London’s famous Royal Albert Hall as climactic sequence here where murder was planned with the crash of cymbals. The live symphony orchestra was conducted for screen by none other than legendary collaborator of Hitchcock films- Bernard Herrmann and he himself featured on screen for the first time with the insistence of Hitchcock. A key scene to film indeed where music and lyric plays almost the key role in the screenplay with special mention to climatic live symphony and a wonderful song “Que Sera Sera”, which went on to win Academy Award for Best Song of 1956. Another technically praiseworthy credit goes to Robert Burk’s fine cinematography.

A Pure Hitchcock Entertainment.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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