Saturday, October 3, 2009


The plot of the film revolves around two and half hours of midnight that change the fate of a young call centre employee and made him earn jackpot of two and half Crore. He missed the last local of one forty and meets a strange beautiful damsel. Next they encounter the seedy night life of beer bar, call girls, teen patti game and underworld cross connections.

Situational black humor and funny one-liner dialogues running throughout the film keep you hooked like chilled lager beer. The major flaw of the film lies in long and stretching second half of the story with so many unnecessary characters making spoof of Nana and Rajni and ridiculous underworld association culminating with mass killings to churn out happy ending in favor of hero-heroine romance in the end.

Pairing of Abhay-Neha is the main strong point of the film. Director Sanjay Khanduri maintained lighter and dark humor in this lower budget film but he tried to connect abrupt underworld subplot in the second half and that’s the reason why smart talent like Abhay left fully unexplored in the second half. Neha Dhupia completely fits in the role as call girl and this is the first time I’ve seen some fine flashes of her acting.
No harm in watching once for refreshing Abhay-Neha.


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