Tuesday, October 20, 2009


“Mr. Maryk, tell the crew there are four ways of doing things on board my ship - The right way, the wrong way, the navy way and my way. They do things my way, we’ll get along.”

Based on Pulitzer Prize winning novel and starring Humphrey Bogart as Lieutenant Captain Philip Queeg in one of the memorable role of his career, the film is fine navy account of internal mutiny. However the incidents occurred in the film are fictional one about US Navy but Directorial idea lies in showing the crisis of life faced by few men in the time of Second World War.

The most wonderful thing about the film is its changing shades of theme. I divided film in four parts. The first shows you the boarding of new young officer on junkyard ship named Caine and meeting shrewd and scornful Commanding captain. The second shows us the shifting of Captain; the shrewd is replaced with experienced and strict Captain who impresses his subordinates. The third part shows how seed of internal mutiny develops among few officers to put the appointed captain on the ground of mental disorder by few decisions he undertook during passage of time. The fourth and the most intriguing one is the courtroom trial keeping the audience cross finger with fine twists and turns.

The film certainly has a brilliant screenplay and fine supporting performances of almost all cast including legendary Bogart. The film is surely revelation for me since I don’t have any clue about its subject or theme and I honestly believe that whosoever sees it would agree with my opinion.

An Underrated Classic.

Ratings- 8/10

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