Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Nothing is hotter than Megan Fox to sell such a low grade horror product. If you have seen the trailer and crave to see more of Megan’s irresistible skin if nothing else than let me tell you very honestly that the film is a big disappointment. Don’t be duped by your testosterone. She neither shows her desirable skin (except her revealing cleavage and luscious lips) nor any flash of acting.

The plot is so mediocre one that you lose your patience from very beginning. While watching rock band in a bar Jennifer was kidnapped. From the very next day she becomes blood sucking seductress. Her close friend tries to scrutinize the matter of demonic transference and all that damn nonsense. The rest is expected climax. Director tries to make a paranormal-occult flick luring the audience with deceptive title and a sizzling heroine but ends up with B grade crap material. Besides there’s not single spooky scene which can scare even a child.



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