Friday, October 9, 2009

88 MINUTES (2007)

A serial killer who butchered Pacino’s juvenile sister is becoming threat again. The clock is ticking and all he has is 88 minutes to live. By its face value, the plot seems stereotype so what we expect next from the film is good thrilling treatment. But not a single thing falls to right place in this film. The whole first half is wasted showing some ridiculous caller threatening Pacino on his cell and displaying signs of ticking time everywhere he moves. Is he a killer or God who knows where Pacino would follow next!!! There are so many flaws in the film and not even actor like Pacino can save the mediocre product like this.

Director Jon Everet is the same director who combined two legends Pacino-De Niro together last year in another waste of talent pool show ‘Righteous Kill’. He is the proof that Hollywood knows how to make waste out of the best.
‘Avoid’ is the bottom line here.


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