Monday, October 26, 2009


Miller’s Crossing is dark, violent, unsettling and complex film noir from the house of Coen Bros. It is not as classic in tone as ‘The Godfather’ but surely an admirable gangster film for its brilliant screenplay penned by Joel and Ethan Coen and for its complex character portrayal of lead player, played so wonderfully by Gabriel Byrne as Tom. It’s surely one of the complicated character studies you love to probe at deeper level. Albert Finney is marvelous actor and as local Don Leo he fires the screen. Watch out his Tommy gun firing scene.

The story revolves around close bonding between Local Mafia Leo and his right hand Tom. Love for the same woman brings their professional life on hold. Rivalry and power to rule the crime world offers lucrative offers to Tom who got insulted from Leo. But Tom is really smart chap and knows damn well what to do at what time. The gangster hat is used quite symbolically throughout the film signifying ‘the honor’ of profession and Tom among darkest circumstances live up to that grace.
I must praise Coens for their class treatment and fine screenplay, the asset of this film. No exaggeration to say it’s finest and classic Coen film I ever seen.
Must watch.


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