Saturday, October 31, 2009

THE SOFT SKIN (French) (1964)

As a torchbearer of French New Wave Cinema, Francois Truffaut made so many fine films including his masterpiece ‘400 Blows’. According to scholar opinions, his films are divided in three main categories- The New Wave films (most of them are semi-autobiographical), Thrilling films (under shadow of his master Hitchcock) and Romantic films (telling tale of strong and admirable women). Soft Skin rests in the third category.

Pierre is a married man with a daughter and renowned literary critic and publisher by chance falls in love with young, sensuous air hostess. He keeps this affair secret out of family and public gaze. His wife finally smells the truth and under depression decides to take revenge in climax when husband is realizing his mistake. The film’s seemingly melodramatic incident was actually based on a real life which Truffaut read about in a newspaper. There’s not much to ponder about this story of extra marital affair except the way Truffaut directed it with his camera angles, montage and mise en scenes. He deals with vivid moods of infidelity, guilt, jealousy, anger and revenge. Truffaut was greatly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock whom he considered his master and hence in the plot as well as use of camera we see many Hitchcockian elements.

It’s not nearer to the best Truffaut had made but still one can watch it for Truffaut’s touch.
Ratings- 6.5/10

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