Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ASHES AND DIAMONDS (Polish) (1958)

Regarded as one of the masterpiece of polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, its third film of his famous Anti War Trilogy. The story unfolds the ending day of Second World War in Poland where few young members of Nationalist Resistance Party planning to kill an officer, by mistake killed the innocents. They soon realized the mistake and join the banquet in a hotel where they try to execute their further plan.

Look back in the history of World War, Poland suffered severely among all others. Even after war is over, the political unrest and uncertainty was looming over country and various political parties lead their struggle to power making many young innocent nationalist its victims. Wajda’s brilliant use of deep focus technique keeping characters, objects and background on classic black & white frames. So many scenes are shot brilliantly i.e. - initial machine gun firing, Maciek shooting his target and firecrackers sparkling in the sky or the brilliant ending.

But the great revelation of the film is extremely mind-blowing act by Zbigniew Cybulski as Maciek. He’s young and carefree and supposed to kill the officer but charmed by sudden affection with a bar girl with whom he shared some of the most memorable moments of his life. Now he’s under dilemma to execute plan. He’s disillusioned and yet he’s choiceless, he loves his girlfriend but he also loves his motherland. Sunglass clad Cybulski looks more like today’s Mat Damon. He’s charmer, have style of his own and called ‘James Dean of Europe’. But most prominent part of his act is arresting attitude and body language facing camera. Needless to say he’s the strongest reason next to Wajda why any world cinema lovers must watch this film.

The final scene is strikingly memorable one where brutally shot Cybulski is stumblingly ended up in garbage. Watch his body language, expressions and that confusing sound mixture of laughter, cry and groaning pain…its stamp of powerful act.

Ratings- 10/10


Luv said...

Sounds like a great watch, will catch it soon.

"Watch his body language, expressions and that confusing sound mixture of laughter, cry and groaning pain…its stamp of powerful act." - reminds me of Kamal Haasan in Sagara Sangamam - the scene when the heroine tells him about entry in dance competition, he was asked to improvise it. And did he!!

HIREN DAVE said...

well i haven't seen Kamal's Sagara Sangamam...as gr8 Kamal Hasan fan i have to watch it for sure but its damn difficult to get regional films with english srt files..

and ya, A&D is must watch for any world cinema lovers.