Thursday, March 4, 2010


Written by Joel & Ethan and directed by Joel Coen, it’s a razor-sharp debut film by Coen Brothers. It’s brilliantly made edge on the seat crime thriller I’ve seen after a long time. A jealous bar owner hires a killer to kill his wife and his lover. It’s crime to say anything further about the film where plot and screenplay are the real heroes. Coens have built their screenplay around double cross, murder, theft, guilt and chilling twists and we have seen it in many films but Coens have trademark of their own. The way they hooked us to the scene of crime, messing up with the corpse, the atmosphere of gross blood is something so original that you won’t believe it’s their first film. The film uncoils the film noir plot with audacious dark style, dense atmosphere that makes it one of the finest crime films of their career.

The film scores in performance department too where Francis McDormand (a regular in Coens) and lesser known cast like John Getz & M. Emmet Walsh also gave their memorable acts. The film has all so pervasive and explicit violence and chilly twists Coens style but the satirical vein of black humor is missing here. But who cares about it when you have almost perfect and gripping crime thriller on platter.

Highly recommended.


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