Friday, March 19, 2010


One of the absolutely classic, edge on the seat crime films ever made, completely meticulous in all departments of filmmaking. Director Raoul Walsh’s this gripping film noirish thriller is swansong and inspirational model for many gangster films of later generation. But the main reason to watch this by all means is actor James Cagney’s awesome act of criminal Cody Jarrett; undoubtedly his career best. As a cold-blooded psychopathic criminal obsessed to his old mother he’s scene stealer from beginning train robbery sequence to top of the oil refinery climax where he shouted, “I made it to the top of the world, ma!” Cagney is simply unforgettable; I would love to add his entry in great Hollywood criminals.

The film has strong supporting cast whether it’s Margaret Wycherly as Cagney’s old mother, Edmond O’Brien as undercover agent or Virginia Mayo as his double cross girlfriend. The film has some of the classic black & white camera moments of 50s Hollywood enhancing and uplifting the film with some of the great angle, movement and tracking shot selections. Walsh made a film which strikes from the beginning to end without fumbling anywhere and even after sixty years of its making it gives you the feeling of watching an exceptional cinema equal to masterpiece.

Need I rate such a path breaking crime classic!!!

PS- Its mandatory watch for all B&W classic/film noire fans…put it in your priority list of torrent downloading; I guarantee you an absorbing two hours with unavoidable company of great James Cagney.

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