Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DEAD MAN (1995)

“Some are born to sweet delight…some are born to endless night.”

Written & directed by Jim Jarmusch, ‘Dead Man’ is a journey of an accountant from Cleveland whose name resembles with a great poet William Blake. It’s his journey to death slowly dragging him from artificial machine age to the spiritual lap of nature. You can call this journey a fable, a western, symbolic philosophy, a spiritual, mystic & metaphoric poetry on canvas or simply a modern classic. From beginning to end it sucks you into the world unknown and like any artistically accomplished masterpiece it’s an experience to feel.

The film is so rich in its entire mood of aestheticism and I must say very rare films can do this. Neil Young’s haunting electric guitar score; perhaps the best western score I ever heard after Leone’s dollars trilogy. I will definitely search for its original soundtrack. Blissful black & white cinematography by Robert Muller and mind me every frame is piece of art.

Apart from maverick Johnny Depp as William Black the film also has Robert Mitchum in a special appearance, perhaps his last. But among all I just love the character of that Indian (played by Gary Farmer) who prefers to be called ‘Nobody’ and it’s too interesting to know his journey why he’s called so. Even all the fun moments as well as spiritual ones flourish by the chemistry between him & Depp. For me it’s difficult to get whose real outsider here? Is it William Blake or Nobody? Or both!!! This is my first Jarmusch film and without exaggeration I must say that I’m so desperate to see his other films.

A subtle & beautiful film which I love to watch again…and again…and I’m sure each time it’ll add more sublime pleasure and fine symbolic messages.



Luv said...

How in th world did i miss this one! A Johnny Depp starer!

Thanks for the review. Gonna catch the film ASAP.

HIREN DAVE said...

catch it and i assure you that you just can't stop loving it...