Monday, March 22, 2010


Meet Chelsea, an absolutely high class escort girl having rich upper clients like businessman, jewelers and store owners. She’s smart, sophisticated & completely professional focused on her career; knowing exactly how to keep and maintain longtime rapport with clients, living celebrity kind of luxurious lifestyle, getting upscale and making fair new contacts through self marketing on internet.

It’s a personal, independent cinema of Steven Soderbergh and needs patience quite unlikely for common audience. Its out and out talkative film where most of the time characters are chatting, discussing and confessing for long time to static camera which makes it quite bores & makes feel sleepy. But hey in the middle of the film, there’s spark of verbal tussle going too private between the hooker and her more than one year long possessive client and that’s where for the first time we feel the internally compartmentalized and disconnected life she’s living with her pretended identity and real personal self. It’s this pretended image of physical and emotional companionship that her clients are hooked to; like pleasing break from their routine mundane lives and boring family lives. What they need is extra spark that makes them feel they are still young, being loved as they want and taking care by somebody who’s sort of their emotional wash basin. They don’t say it openly but that’s what all reality is!!!

It’s revealing to know that Sasha Grey who played Chelsea is a famous porn star and made more than hundred porn films. Soderbergh not in a single scene showed explicit nudity which makes it clear that he wanted to focus on her natural act and attitude. Watch her personal frustration in one of the scene and she looks damn natural and aesthetic.

Watch it only if you love internalized personal cinema.

Ratings- 7.5/10


Luv said...

I loved this film. Not Soderbergh's best, but still good enough for me.

For me the film works coz "deep-down an upmarket prostitute isn't very different from a banker or businessman. Even she is working on an exit strategy."

HIREN DAVE said...

oh yeah...that's so true. By the way have you seen Soderbergh's SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPES?

Luv said...

yes, i have. but for the climax, it is among his best. Then again, it was his debut.

HIREN DAVE said...

Well i still have to watch that...heard lot of praise abt that..will catch it soon.