Saturday, March 6, 2010

STRIKER (2010)

The film is centered on the 80’s suburban ghetto life in north-west Mumbai called Malvani. A lower middle class young man starts dreaming big with his skillful fingers to strike the carom board. Carrom is one of the most common indoor games in India and it’s a story deals with a street carrom player who grows amid the co-existing criminal world and how fate trapped him in betting business to gamble his skill and fate to earn his due.

Let me point out some plus points of the film first. Siddharth was fresh & promising in RDB and here too in the most part of films played the role quite confidently, Aditya Pancholi is back after long gap and he’s again impressive as Jaleel; his personality traits suit him in such roles. The film has sharp dialogues and striking lines maintaining Bambaiya street lingo and mood.

But watching it post interval is an exercise to screw your head. In second half, the film starts losing both its aim and touch in such a abrupt and ridiculous way that you suddenly feel that it’s absolutely like a ship sailing without a captain. Director Chandan Arora has literally murdered the subject and treatment of the first half in the jarring, stretching, typically mediocre second half. I simply don’t understand why the hell he ruined the whole experimental concept mixing the theme of Carrom hustling with Mumbai riots???

It is more disappointing to watch such a sad miscarriage of well conceived baby.


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