Sunday, March 14, 2010


The first ten minutes into the film, even before the title breaks open just made you feel that what you’re going to see next will surely make your cheer. Coen Brothers’ ‘Raising Arizona’ is a wild & inventive comedy which later becomes formulaic part. Its second film & absolutely contrast to their brilliant debut noir thriller ‘Blood Simple’. Nicholas cage is H.I, notorious store robber for whom prison is like returning home. He falls in love & weds with prison officer Holly Hunter and soon the couple found that she’s infertile. To fulfill honey’s desirable child, he kidnaps one of the quintuplets born to a furniture tycoon. Then starts the ride of fun comes from situational fix and chase till the end…all Coens way.

Most of the fun comes from unusually funny characters and their own idiosyncrasies. The characters are caricaturized like morons or macho man i.e. - biker of hell (seems like Cage’s ‘Ghost Rider’) or those two loudmouth Snope Brothers. Among so many absurdities and improbabilities, the movie is fun to watch due to sarcastic humor, witty dialogues, fast narration and fine performances.


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Darshik Purohit said...

and you forgot to mention the theme song!! typical folk Arizona style!!