Wednesday, March 24, 2010


An emotionally tugging and uplifting film based on real story of Michael Oher known as ‘Big Mike’. Mike is homeless black boy, extra large in size and shape and almost reticent towards society. In a spur of moment Leigh Anne helped homeless Mike one chilly winter night. What started as gesture to help Big Mike slowly transforms into almost motherly love for him. She opens up her home & family for Big Mike, providing him personal room, coaching for study and sports like her own little kid and a chance to get uplift in life. Life’s changing for both of them. Mike is poor in study but scores in football. He’s facing many personal and public embarrassments in his road to success but he’s having the most committed mother on earth.

The plot is plain simple and devoid of any major conflicts. Its sentimental tale stuffed with funny and uplifting moments. It wins heart due to its performances than anything else. Sandra Bullock’s winning Oscar trophy for Best Actress surprised me; even the role she played here is not great character study or method act. It’s those natural and real expressions and nobility of her character which wins the heart. Playing simple and touching charcter is demanding job and she accomplished that here. Her chemistry with Quinton Aaron is something to watch here. Even all rest of the supporting cast acted their parts quite naturally, even that smart kid who played SJ; he’s real funny kick amid all emotional baggage.

Charity to lesser fortunate gives you happiness beyond imagination. Watch that priceless smile on the face of Bullock in the final scene…that tells a lot.


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nanda said...

think this deserves an 8.5 or 8 at least..
full marks to sandra bullock.. by far her best and meaningful role she has donned.
yes not an extraordinary character study, but still i cud empathize with her.