Thursday, July 8, 2010


“If you are going to tell people the truth, be funny or they will kill you.” - Billy Wilder

An insurance clerk gets ahead in profession winning favors of his seniors and boss to get promotion.
The key to success is his apartment that he offers to them to cater their extra marital affairs. Poor fellow’s apartment is so occupied that he has to sleep outside in the park!!! Jack Lemmon’s C C. Baxter is an everyday common man who wanted quick success in corporate world and archetype who knows how to manipulate human weakness of seniors. In the beginning we look him as a slavish clerk trapped in fix to win favorable promotion but as the film progressed we see his other humanitarian face.

More than comedy Billy Wilder’s this film is satire on society’s mad rush to get material success either by hook or crook and it is as relevant today as in 1960. Its fine drama where comedy is concocted with something which scratches at the right place. Though I haven’t seen much of Jack Lemmon, I’m impressed by his act here. Shirley MacLaine is as average as in any films. Though wilder didn’t get deserving trophy as a director in ‘Sunset Boulevard’, he bagged three trophies at Oscar for Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Director Anurag Basu lifted the whole plot of the film in his much appreciated ‘Metro’. Remember Sharman-Kangana-Kay Kay Menon part… and I thought Basu was original!!!


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