Wednesday, July 21, 2010

THE JAMES DEAN STORY (Documentary) (1957)

The documentary was made soon after his untimely death, looks at Jimmy Dean’s life through use of still photographs, few footages and introspective interviews with many of the people involved in his short life.

There are many queer things documentary shared with us. Here are few rushes- The public who went to see premier of ‘Giant’ released posthumously gave him standing ovation each time he appeared on the screen. He seems to express some of the things they couldn’t find words for- whether its restlessness, despair, rage, rebel, hope, loneliness or waywardness which kept growing on his face. His personal loneliness reflected in his paintings…dreamt about his lost mother in childhood, for him sleep was waste of time, he was afraid of loneliness, he loved to be on stage just to pretend that he’s somebody else, his craze for speed and racing and most intimate piece of paper ‘The complete man’s three needs’ that he cut and kept in his purse as proud possession. The needs are for love and security, the need for creative expression and the need for recognition and self esteem and needless to say he achieved all of them at very young age.

Very rarely any actor’s eyes gave me the same intensity as Dean. There’s something so mysterious, impulsive and yet charming thing in his eyes whether one watch any of his three films. Needless to say that Dean is immortal legend, the craze he brought to generation dying young unequalled by none. The film is dedicated to the legend all his admiring fans. Its film paid fine metaphoric tribute to Dean -He flew so high that he almost vanished…everyone begging to come back and they saw the dead seagull on the shore.

Must for all Dean fans.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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