Friday, July 16, 2010


Ego on the nose heroine, gentleman dandy heroes and fabrication of social snobbery with farce of class mannerism are the things of bygone era. Well its quite dramatic film where social satire mixed with sophisticated romance and comedy of manners. But the highlight of the film is having company of Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart directed by George Cukor. I don’t like Cary Grant much but young James Stewart is a man to watch to witness this nostalgic Hollywood.

Stewart is writer cum reporter came to write a cover story of vanity damsel Hepburn’s another wedding with the presence of her new fiancĂ© and ex hubby (Grant). Under the spell of intoxication she just carried away too far by the charm of Stewart, now it’s a wedding moment and she’s in big dilemma. We’ve watched this drama ample number of times but Hepburn remains an admirable actress; in the garb of her anger and arrogance and failed marriage she’s simply a beautiful lady who didn’t receive true love. The fine reason to watch is wonderful chemistry between Stewart and Hepburn.


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