Friday, July 23, 2010

SALT (2010)

Another run on the mill secret agent film touching the age old cold war fixation between US-Russia where the director wanted to baffle the audience about the true identity of Evelyn Salt with dose of routine Hollywood action and thrill. Unfortunately the film fails to deliver both. It’s so simple thing to know that lead heroine of Hollywood film always held US flag high, no matter you show her involved in two political assassinations. It’s too predictable affair from the very beginning.

Angelina Jolie delivered adrenaline pumping actions earlier in ‘Tomb Rider series’ and last time in ‘Wanted’. But this time she seems quite aged and tired and besides showing futile thrills of chase, car-crashes isn’t called great action in my opinion. Don’t expect another ‘Wanted’ here; it’s far better film than watching this headache.

Quite pathetic and mediocre action film.


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