Sunday, July 4, 2010


A young major on mission got the news about his father’s death, he didn’t abort the mission and next we are drawn to the flashback of his relationship with the most intimate person of his life- his daddy, who remains inspiration in all walks of his life. Director Gautam Menon’s this film is a tribute to his father but it shares the bonding that touches all of us. Menon hasn’t glorified the character of father and let it remain resembling with any common father of middle class family trying to keep his family as happy as possible. The admirable things do not necessarily small or big one but memorable one. The intention and theme is noble but Menon’s main flaw lies in loose screenplay and script making film melodrama most of the time.

It’s difficult double role to carry for Suriya playing both father and son but he is full of confidence and energy and throughout the film he maintained both characters along with his crowd pulling charming star appeal. He has to play multiple parts of a common man’s life- lover, husband and a caring father with all commercial ingredients of dance, romance, action, comedy and drama and he’s carrying all these so comfortably like a seasoned player.

Menon is technically topnotch director and stylistically his films have Hollywood kind of touch in production, art direction to camerawork but what’s big flaw is that he stretches his filma repetitively too far for full three hours; giving you dragging feel. Harris Jayraj’s almost all compositions for the film are fine melodies. He’s wonderful guitarist and couple of his solo playing in background adds fine touch to certain romantic scenes.

Watch it for talented Suriya.


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