Monday, July 5, 2010


What’s original and classic will remain so forever. Giant alien pods starts taking the form of any human body sweeping the town into hysteria. The changes in appearance or personality are not visible but it makes one free from all emotions and life simply becomes an instinct to survive. It’s a contagious and the only way one can survive is to stay awake. A smart and brave doctor and his beloved are struggling to save themselves noticing the madness surrounded all around. But can they remain so?

Don Siegal’s this original cult sci-fi film was later remade by Brian De Palma and gave birth to many of its clone versions with slight changes, the recent example is Nicole Kidman starrer ‘Invasion’. With least or no special effects, lower budget production and average cast Siegal had made a compelling film, perhaps way ahead of its time. He maintained both suspense in the beginning and thrill in the later part making it compelling watch. What’s first seems like a psychological thriller later turns out as sci-fi thriller. The end remains open when we see frustrated Doctor keeps yelling in front of camera- ‘You’re next’.

Recommended to all classic fans.


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