Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HIDALGO (2004)

Filled with heroic action adventure, fine special effects and stunning camerawork, Hidalgo is the story of horse by the same name and his rider Frank Hopkins. With his fading past glory, he was invited to participate in 3000 miles race across the Arabian desert, pitted with Arabian stallions and villainous competitors pursuing the rich prize money. Our hero not only won the race but also saves the Sheikh’s damsel daughter in distress.

The film is entertaining in parts but overall it seems like a fairy tale where the great American cowboy hailed high over Arabian rivals. The villain or natural obstructions lacking strong hold, editing is shoddy making film so predictable entertainer. Aged Omar Shariff suits in the role of Sheikh and Viggo Mortenson is what Branden Fraser in ‘The Mummy’ enterprise. Don’t expect fine acting, intriguing plot and all; its film made for those who seek paisa vasool entertainment lasting longer than two hours.


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