Sunday, September 21, 2008

AMU (2005)

Years ago I watched hard hitting and realistic ‘Salaam Bombay’ at night and it disturbed me and compelled me to think in altogether different view of India. This is the second one. This movie was so controversial in its subject matter that Indian censor Board had deleted all important dialogues & scenes from the film due to its sensitive subject matter which depicts the dirty face of Government & Politics of 1984 riots aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination. And yet it bagged 2 National Awards in 2005 and considered as eye opener and heart touching cinema in all film festivals around the globe.

21 year old adopted NRI daughter visited Delhi to meet her family for the first time and haunted by the past to know her true identity. She faced the bitterest truth of her life in political supported riots of ’84. Konkona Sen again proved that why she’s the best & darling actress of every thinking director. Similarly Brinda Karat, Ankur Khanna, Yashpal Sharma & Rajendra Gupta also gave touchy and realistic performances.

I specially like to thank Writer, Producer, Director- Sonali Bose for offering such a thinking cinema with poise and balanced view of our horror political history.



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Raju said...

ammu was jst amazing.....thx for the reco....gr8 work..keep it up..