Saturday, September 20, 2008

SE7EN (1995)

If there is any director who know how to make best psychological thrillers better after master craftsman Hitchcock its – David Fincher. This movie is the best proof of it. Well its quite late that I became fan of Fincher and I think this one is the best of him.
Its all about a serial killer obsessed with seven deadly sins and two detectives immersed in the case. Treatment of the subject shows acute research of the subject by the writer and director.
This movie has so many things to offer- Classic act of all lead men: Morgan freeman, Brad Pitt & Kevin Spacey, candid and brilliant cinematography required to deal with such a subject, awesome psychological study of the characters, great lines. For example here are two of them i.e-
# Anyone who spent a significant amount of time with me finds me disagreeable.
# Ernest Hemingway once wrote …”The world is fine place and worth fighting for.” I agree with the second part.
One more thing I like about Fincher (after almost seeing all of his movies) is – He knows perfect casting of characters. You cant imagine that any other actor in place of his choice actors in almost al of his films. Now that required lot of instinctive talent. Isn’t it?



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Digant said...

"You can't copaire any movie with another one, cos evey movie has different plot, story, director, etc." That is what i belive when i watch any movie. every movie has its own charm and own folts too. Some movies I call "PERFECT MOVIE". That doesn't mean that that is the best movie of the world. The movie which has been directed proparly which propare cast and go with the bounded screept and hold the centre of the story. You can not move from ur sit when u watch this kind of movie. "SE7EN" is one of those kind of movies I seen.

It's a "PERFECT MOVIE" which is not gona let u move from ur sit. Diloges r so stronge, acting is very good, the tretment of story and direction is wonderfull.

Must watch...

Ratings:- 10/10