Friday, September 26, 2008

LAST DAYS (2005)

Well u like the movie only if-
A) U r die hard Kurt Cobain fan
B) U like Gus Van Sant direction
C) U like extreme isolated life
The movie was inspired by the last days of Kurt Cobain. Although here the names of characters were changed to maintain the fictional touch. The plot moved around the fugitive life of Black – the alienated rocker in his own way in forest house. Most of the time its mere observation of his bathing, cooking, cross-dressing and weird behavior with occasional playing guitar. At one point he went to city & returned at night and next morning lied dead. Director maintained ambiguity about his death. Few of his friends who were taking his favors & staying nearby his home run away as soon as they came to know about his death to save their ass.
Well this is my 1st Gus Van Sant movie & I must say its very dark, realistic in portrait & specially admired the long shot outside camera angles to feel meaninglessness of life. But it has zero entertainment value & tad boring one.


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