Sunday, September 21, 2008


As soon as I watched the first 15 min of the movie I realized that I have seen its good bollywood rip off ‘Deewanagi’ which had some nice performances from Ajay Devgan & Akshay khanna. In this original version Edward Norton played multiple disorder victim & Richard Gere played his defence lawyer role & both of them gave nice performances.
Its compelling court room drama with twist in the end which you can relish. It was difficult method acting role for Norton and he tried his level best to make it memorable one.

Ratings- 7.5/ 10


Digant said...

As we know now that this movie has been copied already in bollywood, but still it's worth to watch. Rechard Gere is a very good actor as we all know. In this movie he played a lawyer who hhadle cases only for himself, to become popular and get fame. But at the end of the story he found himself as the most foolish person of the world. He also find some changes in himself.

All the cherectores in this movie played their role very good and also without any over-acting.

Should be watched onece if u like courtroom drama.

Ratings:- 7.5/10

Kool Ari said...

The same thing happened with me as well.I too had already watched Dewaangee before.But Dewaangee can never come even close to this film.The plot is brilliant.It also has a marvelous perfomance by Richard Gere.But Edward Norton simply steals the show.A debutant getting an Oscar Nomination only adds how talented this man is.