Sunday, September 28, 2008

JOHN Q (2002)

It’s human drama of a common man’s desperate attempt to save his son’s life. The movie depicts certain poignant & upsetting facts about Doctor- Insurance Company nexus & How a common man of even country like U.S. becomes its victim in the time of serious crisis. Its sad fact that even in U.S. there are more than 50 million people surviving without insurance cover due to lower wages & economical crisis. So whats gonna happen to them when their lives require emergency medical help. Plot & situation resembles Pacino’s DOG DAY AFTRENOON. Denzel Washington gave up to the mark controlled performance as responsible father. He’s really matchless as far as intense & emotional acting is concerned. I want to recommend the scene where he gave touching act advising his son on hospital bed before donating his own heart. Nice supporting cast performance no matter how significant or trivial their roles.


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