Friday, September 26, 2008


Well we are living in the era of reality shows of every sort on our idiot box. Welcome to Hollywood homicide world of Death Race where contestants are killing machines & betting was on allover Internet & Reality TV for million viewers of this thrill. The rules of Death Race are simple: Win all three stages of Death race & you’re set free. Lose & you’re killed in a split second. Jason Statham has pretty macho appeal & film has certain adrenaline pumping stunts and action. But more or less it gives you feel of watching some thrilling 3D Racing video game. Supporting cast has nothing to offer in this kind of films except showing their presence. Pulsating Racing action is all guaranteed.

Ratings- 7/10

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Digant said...

If u just wana see action and stunts without any good story or plot, just watch this. Its a meaningless action movie. Race scenes r good and directed well, but still...
It's a movie to watch, enjoy and forget.

Ratings - 6.5/10