Saturday, September 20, 2008


The issue of AIDS was tackled in Phir Milenge- a bollywood rip off of Hollywood’s Philadelphia. But along with AIDS this movie also portrayed homosexual relationship with sentimental touch. Let me tell you that there are very few movies which made me cry in name of human sentiments and this is my second screening and I cant stop my tears. This happened due to touchy and sentimental journey. Sanjay Suri gave unique performance as AIDS victim and a happening state swimming champ. Even today among pool of talents in current bollywood there are no other actor who do the same justice to this role. Juhi Chawla simply gave her career best performance as caring and adorable –lovable sister and while watching her we also started wishing sister like her. Nice act by all other supporting cast- Purab Kohli, Victor Benerjee and Lilette Dubey.

The theme of the movie is emotionally appealing and socially relevant. The film also portrayed the gay bonding without a single moment of unnecessary vulgarity.Entire movie has certain feel of subtleness into it and moreover Director Onir narrated the whole story of Nikhil’s life from various perspectives of all other characters of the movie and it gives it realistic and natural feel. Infact this is the reason why film becomes so touchy at the end. Little bit of editing is what the film required in the later half and thats the only where film seems tagging but otherwise its brilliant human portrayal.
See Victor Benerjee crying for the first time while playing with Juhi’s little son and think is there a better actor in India who gave so natural performance the same way…

A Must watch for all serious and meaningful cinema lovers.

Ratings- 8.5/10

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Digant said...

I don't know why this movie had been ignored by people in 2005. It is a very good movie but didn't do well business. May be it came before it's time, may be 2-3 years. I watched this movie when it relised and found it very good and touchy with good social message. And i also find people in cinema talking that what a bullshit movie. I am not agree with that cos our society takes time to understand some issues.

This movie is far far better then "Phir Milenge" which was very poor copy of "Philadelphia". This movie also has some weak points but it's ignorable.

May be this kind of movie takes to understand in India.

Ratings:- 7.5/10