Saturday, September 20, 2008

WALL-E (2008)

This is the best sci-fi animation movie of current decade I have ever seen.Wall E will definitely remembered as one of the most lovable animation character by Disney-Pixar combination. Imagine the earth full of trash and so polluted that whole human race left the planet earth and started living in the spaceship town where everything is auto-operated by computers and robots and men are free and became obese and real couch potato that they cant able to stand erect. Wall E – the only available robot on earth still doing duty to clean the garbage fell in love with Eva-a feminine robot.

Certain emotional visuals were just mind-blowing especially when Wall e clasps his hands with Eva in the climax after getting his memory back. Its beautiful, brilliant and small but smartly packaged must watch material for all ages. The movie is full of brilliant messages throughout its running time provided you have eyes for it.



Bhumil N. Acharya said...

I would like to say that its the best animation film I had ever seen
& its based on a very great concept that tel us that please help our earth to come out from the effects of our daily activities.

Ruchir Gupta said...

Hello Sir, Just before a week or two I watched this movie and today I was reading its reviews on IMDB. Later, I searched your reviews about it as I was sure you can't miss such a nice movie. Really, this movie is a masterpiece and my most favorite after James Cameron's 'AVATAR' ('How to train your dragon' and 'Stuart Little' comes 3rd and 4th respectively.)

After watching this movie a thought came in my mind that Humanity and Civilization are quite opposite. After destroying/polluting every natural wealth (animals/forests/water/earth.. everything), we are developing artificial things to get them work like those natural things. We call it 'science' or 'innovation' or anything like that.