Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love Hitchcock and this is second time i watched Rear Window. And its simply shows the brilliance of this master filmmaker. Hitchcock was always ahead of his time. To make audience peeping the private life of neighborhood through apartment window of protagonist James stewart and involved them in thrill and tense with the same setting and happening without being monotonous is so difficult task to play as a director and cameraman. Personally I think this is the most difficult film to direct in Hitchcock’s entire career.

The movie is a big message to all voyeuristic dudes who love to watch private life of the people around them. So here is our hero (James Stewart) ace photographer with fractured leg rested alone in his apartment and to pass the time enjoying peeping the private lives of others through his window.Under his constant observation he came to notice suspicious aged man who committed crime of killing his wife and get in fix. What happens next is a thing to watch.
Superb camera work and marvelous presentation of voyeurism made this film classic and touchstone. A TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.

Ratings- 9/10

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Digant said...

Some little things come together and how they creat a big issue, you can learn by this movie. A very good movie by Mr.Hitchcock. In this movie, there is drama suspence, thrill and a very good angle of love which is very noticable as i think.

Smoke without flames. Belive it. It can be happen.

You will find lots of different things which u r gona like in this movie. To find it, watch it.

Ratings:- 8.5/10