Friday, September 2, 2011

BORSALINO & CO. (French) (1974)

The film is a sequel to ‘Borsalino’ made by the same director. It begins with funeral of Francois Capella (the character played by Belmondo in ‘Borsalino’). He’s the close associate of Roch Sifferedi’s and remained almost like his brother. Sifferedi soon found the man responsible for his murder. He’s Italian mobster named Francesco Volpone and threw him from moving train but the very next station his elder brother Giovanni Volpone, the stiff rival gangster waiting for his brother and he sniffed the matter. Soon Senior Volpone made life straight downfall for Sifferedi; and the rest is bloody vendetta, rivalry, lawless town and volatile hard time.

The brilliant camaraderie between Belmondo-Delon is absent here, as Belmondo died in the first part and so Delon is the solo man here and besides its quite serious gangster film unlike entertaining and playful first half of the earlier one. However Derey maintained high points of the film even though its theme is out and out vendetta film. Alain Delon’s enigmatic screen presence, authentic period detailing and setting and production of shifting thirties, classic background score and fine camera work, action, thrill and shocking violence and unimaginable climax on the train! It has everything what we may expect from chiseled noir or classic gangster flick.


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