Thursday, September 29, 2011

DRIVE (2011)

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed film of this year and slick and intense thriller made by independent filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, who brought notice to the world winning Best Director at Cannes this year. Refn exploited lot of commercial elements of routine Hollywood action thriller and builds the cool thriller on a pace editing, stylistic camera work and bringing suave and reticent kind of professional driver who’s part a garage workman and part a car stuntman for movies. Follows up a woman with a kid and hubby in prison living next door, conflict for money, a dummy robbery to set the things right that went astray and than one man’s finish it up job. Quite a set up for Hollywood thrill entertainer but than Refn made a sincere effort here and represent all commercial factors of Hollywood drama in more interesting and refreshing manner of film noir. One can see the shades of Tarantino influence in many of the scenes here.

It has exciting beginning that builds the drama in the middle by introducing characters of black and white and than it gives full throttle for half an hour to the thrill ride of action, violence and climax. Much of the film’s intensity brought by its main character performed with quite enigmatic intensity by Ryan Gosling. The man impressed me with his brilliant act in ‘Blue Valentine’ last year. Though i don't find the film that brilliant as IMDB popular charts or some of the critical opinions back it but nevertheless the slick thriller and entertainer to go for one watch. Won't say recommended or must watch because I’m sure most of you will going to see it immaterial of reading this review or not.


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