Sunday, September 4, 2011


Director John Dahl made one of the most compelling femme fatale thriller ‘The Last Seduction’ with awesome performance of Linda Florentino as a bitch hard to forget. This is his early film to that and it’s fine stirred cocktail of noir thriller with enough thrilling jolts to get you entertain in company of Nicolas Cage, Lara Flynn Boyle and the real old badass of all-time Mr. Dennis Hopper.

In search of money and a clean job, a drifter moved on his car towards western small town of Red Rock. Call it a chance or accident, he got misunderstood for a hired killer by a bar owner. He was offered money and job to kill his wife and he accepted it. He landed up next to his wife and revealed the plot and got the double offer to kill his hubby. The man just needed money so he made a plan to run away with it from town but fate made a different plan to bring back him to the town and now he has to face the real hired killer, the man, his wife and cops. 

Nicolas Cage plays that drifter, who’s a nice guy stuck in a mess and still trying to stay as clean as possible, Dennis Hopper as hired killer is once again in crackling form and it would have been better if there’s more of him in the film. Director John Dahl hooked our attention in interesting and engaging twists and turns and engaging action in the later half.


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