Tuesday, September 20, 2011


An effortlessly moving and contemplative mature cinema from independent Turkish filmmaker and artist named Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The plot of the film is nothing more than reading a modern short story about agony of untold truths. All three protagonists of the film-the father, the mother and their young son struggling with their own personal bitter truths and ill fate under one roof. They slowly chose to live their detached and disoriented existence of family against odds and slowly turning their eyes and ears closed, surviving and accepting the unwanted reality of their lives.

Ceylan introspectively reveals his cinema to us in slow pace with minimalist mood and hushed tones of his gloomy characters. Set against them lies a beautiful artistic cinematography and believe me the expressive and aesthetic frames looks like visiting photographic art gallery. He also used brilliant minute use of sounds whether it’s moving fan or moving train, thunder in the sky or ring tone of mobile everything adds something to the internal restlessness of the characters.

The intensity of internal turmoil is felt more with silence than futile words or dialogues and Ceylan gave us characters that don’t look like screen models or card boards. All three actors performed so damn naturally with a special mention of Hatice Aslan who played the mother; the lady has brought so much depth to her character with her priceless sublime expressions. The only minus point of the film is its bit stretching second half moving towards end, but that would be pardonable for something so introspective and intense. Love to explore more of Ceylan…


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